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Planning a wedding takes time, patience,

and a little creativity, but all the hard work will result in a day you will remember

and cherish for the rest of your lives.

At IC you Photography, we strive to capture the joy, happiness and elation

of your wedding day. When all your planning is over, we're there to capture the

newly wed bliss. We will be there to photograph the nervous bride putting on her

jewelry, the first kiss as a married couple, and all the way through to the

dance floor.

We believe wedding photography is an art. Seeing everything without being

seen...being everywhere without being felt...creatively capturing all the

memorable moments of a wedding day...that's what makes wedding photography

an art.

When you open a really amazing wedding magazine spread what knocks you off

your socks? The real images of that specific wedding day: the details, family

emotions, wonderful guests interactions and of-course the couple in their most

beautiful moments.

We’re here to perfectly document your stunning wedding day, to help you and

your family remember everything that happens on your special day that will help

define the rest of your lives together.

Wedding / Engagement

*All Packages include two Photographers*



30-35 Images


$3,200 (+$200 for Major Holidays)

Full Day Coverage

Bride and Groom getting Ready

Ceremony, Bridal Party, and Reception

All Images

Wedding & Engagement

$3,550 and Include:

Engagement Shoot with 25-30 Images

Full wedding coverage

All Images

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